Pre-registered 2019

HERE can you see the pre-registered for Semesterloppet 2019

Not yet signed up for the race?

You can still sign up at Lekia, Maxinge on Thursday 11.7 at 11am – 6pm and on site in Käringsund on Friday  at 6-8 pm
Adults – 15€
Juniors (≤ 16år) – 10€
Juniors/ Lekialoppet – 5€
Adult companions/ Lekialoppet – free

If you can´t be in place you can register by mail to until Thursday at 8 pm

Late registration on Saturday at 12-1.30 pm
Adults – 25€
Juniors (≤ 16år) – 15€
Juniors/ Lekialoppet – 10€
Adult companions/ Lekialoppet – free

The be sure to get to enjoy some sun during summer a visit to Käringsund, Eckerö in west of the Åland Islands is recommended on the second Saturday in July. Then the annual Semesterloppet is organized, usually in glorious sunshine from a clear blue sky! In 2019 this sun will shine at Saturday 13.7 at 2.30 pm!

The race is a tradition that is commonly referred to as the whole family’s sports party and attracts both recurring participants from year to year, but also familys on vacation that a little unplanned find themselves on the starting line.
This is a race where the happy amateurs run in the same class as those who compete for a good time – everyone is equally welcome and everybody can choose a distance best for them. You can again choose between 12km, 8km, 4km and 1km, that this year is called Lekialoppet!

Welcome to the Semesterloppet 13.7.2019!