Tack för 2021!

Thanks to all participants and volunteers that participated in Semesterloppet 2021, also this year arranged in sunshine!
Pictures from the race (taken by Niclas Nordlund Photography) can be found at Semesterloppets Facebook page and can be used for your own use!

We will now continue to arrange the remaining Åland Event events, that all can be found at  In the autumn we will start planning for 2022 incl. update the website!



To be sure to get to enjoy some sun during summer a visit to Käringsund, Eckerö in west of the Åland Islands is recommended on the second Saturday in July. Then the annual Semesterloppet is organized, usually in glorious sunshine from a clear blue sky! In 2021 this sun will shine at Saturday 10.7 at 2.30 pm!

The race is a tradition that is commonly referred to as the whole family’s sports party and attracts both recurring participants from year to year, but also familys on vacation that a little unplanned find themselves on the starting line.
This is a race where the happy amateurs run in the same class as those who compete for a good time – everyone is equally welcome and everybody can choose a distance best for them. You can again choose between 12km, 8km, 4km and 1km, that this year is called Lekialoppet!

NEW 2021! The children (1km) start this year at 14.30 pm that is 15min before the other distances that start at 14.45 pm

New is also that the same weekend Barnens helg in Käringsund (Children’s Weekend) will be arranged where the children’s entertainment and activities are in focus. At Käringsund Resort & Conference there will be more activities than the regular weekly program, for example Robin Hund performs on the terrace after the race.  And during the weekend Peppi Pirat will also visit Käringsund several times.

Welcome to the Semesterloppet 10.7.2021!