About Semesterloppet

Semesterloppet, an Ålandic sports tradition, that was organized for the first time in 1983. The race is for the whole family, offering distances of 12km, 8km and 4km and 1km for the younger participants, that this year will be called Lekialoppet!

Start- and finish line is at Käringsund Resort & Conference, which is the competition center. The participants are here offered service as dressing room and sauna and also parking lots close to the start and finish.
Food and drinks are available for purchase and in the evening there will be a Bbq buffet and rockabillyparty.
Read more about the events and book your place to the Buffet directly via Käringsund Resort & Conference.

The main organizer is Åland Event, in close cooperation with Åland Triathlon Club.


Classes and distances 2018

All distances and classes starts at the same time on Saturday 14.7.2018 at 2.30 pm.
The Semesterloppet is a race where the happy amateurs run in the same class as those who compete for a good time – everyone is welcome!

Semesterloppet 12km
Classes: men, women

Semesterloppet 8km
Classes: open class (all ages) and boys 16år (born 2002 or later) and girls 16år (born 2002 or later)

Semesterloppet 4km
Classes: open class (all ages) and boys 12år (born 2006 or later) and girls 12år (born 2006 or later)

Lekialoppet 1km
For juniors and adults accompanying younger participants

Registration and fees 2018

Register here
HERE can you SIGN UP for Semesterloppet 2018

Participant´s data shall be accurate and fully completed.
By registering and paying the registration fee the participant accepts the Competition rules. I give my permission for the organizer to publish my (or my childs) name, series/class, compound and nationality on participant-, start- and resultlists.

Read more about Travel & Lodging

– 8.7.2018
Adults – 15€
Juniors (≤ 16år) – 10€
Juniors/ Lekialoppet – 5€
Adult companions/ Lekialoppet – free

Late registration at Lekia, Maxinge on Thursday 12.7 11 am – 6 pm)
on site in Käringsund on Friday 6-8pm and Saturday at 12-1.30 pm

Adults – 20€
Juniors (≤ 16år) – 15€
Juniors/ Lekialoppet – 10€
Adult companions/ Lekialoppet – free

The registration fee includes following:

  • registration
  • bib- number
  • chip- timing
  • fluid point available after every lap/ at the finishline
  • medal to all participants at the finish
  • chance to win raffle prizes
  • access to locker rooms, shower and sauna
  • 3€ discount at the cafe by showing your Bib-number (at least 10€ purchase)


The course goes into Eckerö’s beautiful forest terrain along woods and paths. All starts and finishes take place at Käringsund Resort & Conference.
Running / walking takes place along a 4kms course (4km – 1 lap, 8km – 2 laps and 12km – 3 laps). The children run along their own 1km path, starting and finishing in the same place as the rest.
Both courses are marked with arrows and marking bands.

Map of Semesterloppet 4km course and the map of Semesterloppet 1km

Prizes and prize award ceremony

All participants get a medal at the finish line.
All kids in the Lekialoppet (1km) and boys and girls up to 12 year (4km) will ge a toy from Lekia

Prizes awarded to the three fastest men and women at 12km. The 3 fastest in the boy- and girl classes 8 km (≤ 16years, born 2002 or later) and on 4 km (≤ 12years, born 2006 or later) get prizes. Raffle prizes among all participants in Semesterloppet. These are raffled and awarded at the prize award ceremony, which means that the participant needs to be there in order to receive their prize. If the prize winner isn´t there there prize will be raffled to somebody else.

Prize award ceremony will be held at Saturday 14 July, approx. at 4.30 pm at Käringsund Resort & Conferences terrace

Medal to all participants           Toys to all kids up to 12 years

Other information and timeschedule

Peppi Pirat will be on site to cheer on the participants!

Registration package

The package includes bib number and timing chip. The bib number is fastened with safety pins (included in the package, don´t need to be returned) in the front of the body. Registration packages are picked up at Lekia in Maxinge on Thursday 12.7 between 11.00 am to 6 pm and from the race office on friday between 6-8 pm and on race day between 12-1.30 pm, pre- registered until 2.15 pm.
3€ discount at the cafe by showing your Bib-number (at least 10€ purchase)


Timing is done with chip (included in the start package) attached around the ankle with Velcro. The time is calculated from the start (starting shot) until the participant cross the finish line.
If a participant cancel the race, the chip shall be returned to the race office without delay. After finishing the race to organizers take care of the chip.
For non-returned / lost the chip the participant will be charged 90€.

First aid

First aid- trained personnel present. In case of a serious accident, call 112!

Fluid point

Fluid points available after every lap (every 4 kilometers) and at the finish line.

Please don´t litter our nature! Throw e.g. garbage into garbage bags found at the fluid station.

Showers and locker rooms

Locker rooms, shower and sauna available for the participants in Käringsund Resort and Conferences sauna by the beach.

Clothes storage

Bags can be left in the race office during the race.


Free parking lots close to the start- and finisharea.


Semesterloppet is a running event with only open classes and thus are no competition rules, participation with common sense.

Semesterloppet is a family party where the most important thing is to have fun! However, there are those who love to run the race as fast as possible so please let them pass you, especially at the start where it can be a little crowded.

The participants gives the race organisation the right to use pictures and film material taken during the race to be used free of rights in the future marketing of the event. The organizer has the right to send out information about Ålandevents events 2018-2019.

Participation in Semesterloppet at your own risk. The Organizers isn´t responsible for any accidents that occur during the event.
Participants are recommended to have their own accident insurance.

Lost property

Handed to the organizers who keep them during the current season (until 31.10.2018) if they haven´t been collected during the competition weekend.
After the season, leftovers are submitted to charity organizations.


If you for some reason have to cancel the race, you should notify the nearest volunteer or contact the organizer by phone (+358405223823). Please also notify if you won´t start at all.

We think about nature!

The disposable vessels that we use during the contests are compostable and are sorted during/after the contest. We have also joined barkraft.ax and made some promises that strive towards a sustainable society. We are Kranmärkt-certified, which means that we don’t give out bottled water during the contests.
We are constantly working further on this and our goal is to be eco labelled in the future!
Learn more about our environment policy at www.alandevent.ax


Cancellation policy

Cancellation is eligible for reimbursement according to the following:

  • up to 4 weeks before the race with a full refund minus 5€
  • 4-1 weeks before the race with a 50% refund
  • 7-2 days before the race with a 30% refund
  • for cancellations made within 2 days before the race there is no refund or relocation for the following year’s contest.

Cancellations shall be made by email to info@alandevent.com by attaching a scanned document of the payment transaction of your registration fee or a print screen of the transaction.